Dianna Langley December 30, 2023

2024-01-26 | 21:02:51

"It’s a shame this place is stuck in this small town. I envy all that call Orangeburg home. How can I get this establishment to relocate to Tampa, FL? We stopped in for lunch on our way to my brother-in-law’s place, two more hours north. We actually had to go 10 miles out of our way, but oh so well worth the extra drive. There were four in our party and we all ordered a different meal off the menu. EVERYTHING was outstanding! Authentic cuisine and the portion sizes were huge. No one left hungry. The owner, Kim, took time out of her day to interact with us and thank us for our patronage. Our future road trips will definitely be scheduled to allow for a slight detour to visit again."
Jay Bryan December 23, 2023

2024-01-26 | 21:02:49

"The food was delicious. I got the burrito Supreme . If you're ever in or near Orangeburg, make this your first stop if you're hungry for Mexican food."
Laura Lopez December 23, 2023

2024-01-26 | 21:02:47

"Excellent mexican food and familiar and great service. They made us feel at home. Tacos pastor and chicken soup our favorites. We recommend it 100%"
Lamar Bevil December 18, 2023

2024-01-26 | 21:02:45

"Lunch #5 was delicious today. The homemade Salsa is the best I have had at any Mexican restaurant in SC. Good and chunky, not applesauce consistency. Prompt, delightful service is the norm"
Amanda Pierson December 15, 2023

2024-03-26 | 04:45:05

"Great service and great food"
Barbara Banks December 9, 2023

2024-01-26 | 21:02:43

"Customer service was excellent as always so was the food. It was packed and yet people were very friendly. I would recommend this place if you like margaritas and Mexican food. The owner is the best at making you feel at home."