Gene Z December 16, 2022

Rosalias — A Great Experience

"Rosalias is the bestest restaurant! Ya'll need to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere with wonderful food and wonderful service!"
Tillman Nobles December 16, 2022

Worth the trip from Camden

"I've been wanting to try this place for the longest time, but I live in Camden SC. But I got the chance today because I was in town and it was so delicious. I may live over an hour away but it will be worth the trip to come back just for this food. 3 hours later I was still full! I shouldn't have cleaned my plate because there was such a generous portion but I couldn't stop myself. The charm of the building, the friendliness if the owner and the staff was such a welcome change to what has become the norm for a lot of places. I'll be back soon!"
Jamie Smith December 8, 2022

Jamie Smith

"I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food but this place is delicious. I took a friend who is visiting from southwest Texas and was extremely skeptical that a tiny town in SC could have authentic Mexican food. He took one bite of his taco and immediately his eyes got wide and he blurted out, "This tastes like food from back home!". I couldn't help but laugh at him and say 'I told you so'."
Ashley Mirkes October 9, 2022

Ashley Mirkes

"This was the nicest restaurant in the area. The service was great and the food was delicious."
Joseph Piette June 15, 2022

"We were driving through town, coming back from vacation, and decided to stop in for lunch, and we so glad we did. This was one of the best Mexican restaurants I've been to in a while. It's the right amount of authentic and has great quality ingredients in all the dishes. You can tell that the meats are slow cooked and/or marinated well because they have a lot of flavor. We'll definitely stop back in next time we drive through!"
Cynthia Willliams November 2, 2021

"I enjoyed my meal and I will definitely be returning before my vacation here is over. The atmosphere is cozy and intimate. A nice place for a family dinner, birthday celebration or even a date. The owner is pleasant and humble. She works as hard as her staff."